Advancing the Global Dialogue Around Online and Blended Learning

EducationXPress originates from the growing need to connect diverse communities engaged in the pursuit of advancing teaching and learning through online and hybrid experiences. Our mission is to build a community of content developers, engineers, educators, researchers, and practitioners focused on the continued improvement of digital learning technologies and instructional practices.   

Through publication, curation, dissemination, and facilitation of community engagement, EducationXPress seeks to bring together this community in an accessible, high-quality platform.

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What We Do

EducationXPress publishes and curates news, research, and best practices in implementing online and blended learning initiatives by providing a knowledgeable, yet collaborative filter for the vast amounts of information regarding technology-enabled educational practices. It is designed to be far-reaching and inclusive, covering online and hybrid learning well beyond MIT's involvement in edX. Finally, it advances global dialogue by providing the virtual infrastructure for open, yet respectful collaboration among those involved in online and blended learning. Community members share and comment on research, news, and best practices to stimulate conversation and debate. 

Initially, EducationXPress will curate news, publish reports, and inform researchers in this field. Over time, this content will include additional original, community-vetted research and reports, as well as other publishing options.

Who We Are

The EducationXPress editorial board is philosophically and geographically diverse and comprised of some of the world’s most notable scholars and practitioners in a wide variety of disciplines that are critical to moving the field of online and blended learning forward. Areas of expertise include learning theory, educational technologies, assessment, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This editorial diversity ensures access to a breadth as well as a depth of content.

Whom We Serve

EducationXPress aims to engage the global educational community, including K-16 educators, content developers, technologists, and researchers in digital learning.